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You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. An old axiom, but true none the less. And it’s certainly true with regards to your jewelry website. It’s great if you have an abundance of loyal customers who love your store and services. They are not so much impacted by your website. But we know that with every year, our core customer base diminishes because of age, and their future purchasing years are fading away.


Love the Old, but Grab the New Customer

You want to build a new customer base while taking care of current ones. That takes some strategic planning. Ask yourself, who am I trying to attract to my business? If you are mainly selling the bridal category, then focus on that largest demographic, which is the Millennial consumer. If you specialize in stylish colored gemstone goods with edgy avant garde designs, then make sure your site speaks to an urban artistic consumer. Are your biggest sellers the inexpensive on-trend items? Make sure your site’s written content and images reflect a younger fashion-con crowd.


With that key detail resolved you must look at your current website with as critical eye as possible, pretending to be your core customer. We’ve assembled some questions you must consider as you look at your website through your ideal customer’s eyes.


Speak to Your Core Market

Does the overall site design and ‘vibe’ speak to you in a way that you appreciate?

Newer site designs for the Millennial consumer often have a lighter color palette with modern handwritten type fonts, or super simple clean line fonts. No matter who you are marketing to, avoid black and dark sites like the plague. They will chase an otherwise eager customer away.


What about the layout of your site? The way in which you organize content speaks to your customer in a couple of ways. Cluttery all over the place content, especially with an overload of merchandise presented on the home page is old as Job. It also makes the customer think your inventory is old. Oh no. We can’t let that happen. That in-your-face overload actually has the reverse effect that what e-merchants intended. Once upon a time in an internet long, long ago, site owners had the notion that you have to grab the visitors attention and throw the whole thing at them in the hopes that they’d see something they’d like.


Is the impression you make with your site appropriate? Today, the feeling is to create a beautiful engaging experience for your visitor, and set the stage for your strongest suits. Let them know you are a luxury e-tailer, and your goods are extraordinary. Their experience should be one of a personal touch to your customer care. Do you offer other valuable services, like repair or custom work? Oh, that’s good, and your visitors are looking for exactly that type of jeweler.


What trends should you pay attention to? The trending pattern that online shoppers respond most to are, large home page images that not only showcase some aspirational pieces from your inventory, but help the visitor see your line in a certain way; edgy and urbane, artful and creative, or simply high end luxe. Tell that story with the images in context to your jewelry. A well placed model shot of a gorgeous brunette on a gondola wearing your pendant earrings tells your site visitor how to think about your luxury line. See? We know you do.


Your Site Conveys More than You Thought

Now, cast your attention to the navigational tabs running across the top or bottom of your home page. Is your inventory intuitively organized so the visitor can quickly get to what they are looking for? It must be. Consider a complete overhaul if that is not part of your site design. Reason being, is your visitor will not waste time figuring out how to find those canary diamond studs . . . or anything they want. The competition is beckoning, and they hear the siren’s call. Keep ’em on your site.

How do you speak to your ideal customer? Make sure the content is to the point, has good SEO implementation, and is bright and engaging, so your visitor stays all the way through to the check out. Ca-ching. Not only have you made the sale, but you’ve likely made a loyal customer who will come back to you for their next jewelry purchase.


Quash the Competition

The competition is lurking around our own business, whether we have a brick-n-mortar store or sell solely online. We can’t make them disappear. But we can certainly make them irrelevant by making sure our websites match our market, are up to date, and utilize aspects of the most successful websites today.

Now ask yourself, ‘How did the first date go with my core customer on my current website?’ If you’re still waffling on that issue, get another set of eyes to help you. Marlene Murphy, the tech whiz behind Jewelry Website Designers will take a look with you. If there are updates that could increase the effectiveness of your site, she’ll tell it to you straight. Go ahead, what are you waiting for?












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