At Diamond Pulse, our mission is to drive your brand to the next level. We accomplish this for you by delivering Diamond Pulse, the trade’s brightest diamond publication to over 25,000 trade members who read, enjoy and keep the magazine every month for less than 3 cents a reader. Our full color monthly publication is mailed directly to the entire diamond and jewelry trade.

Name recognition and brand awareness is vital to your business’ continued growth. Offering a good product is only part of your strength. If no one knows you exist—you don’t get the business. Simple as that.

We have a solution for you. Diamond Pulse ensures that your target market learns about you and your product. Because our publications are saved as a valuable resource, your customers will be able to access you quickly and conveniently every day.

Our success is earned by building your business. We measure that succeed when your ad brings you revenue and additional sales. Diamond Pulse wants to partner with you to create the revenue stream and increased customer base that you deserve.

Call us today and allow us to help you generate increased sales with new customers through advertising in Diamond Pulse.

Zev Oster
President & Sales

Chaim Ehrman
VP Sales & Promotion
Telephone: 888-832-1109


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